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This area tries to answer many frequently asked questions you may have before you decide to buy a puppy or an adult dog from us. For additional questions contact us by e-mail.

  • Is the price for a puppy all inclusive?
    Yes. (Find more details in the questions below!)

  • What medical checkups and shots will your puppies receive?
    The puppies will receice three health checkups, two de-wormings and one puppy vaccination shot.

  • What health guarantees come with your dogs?
    One year guarantee for crippling hip dysplasia.

  • Does any paper work or documentation come with your puppies?
    We provide AKC litter registration papers, health records from a certified veterinarian, and the Country Oak Shepherds purchasing agreement. A copy of your puppy's pedigree is included too.

  • Have the puppies been raised indoors or outdoors?
    Our puppies are all whelped indoors. They stay indoors until they are about six weeks old. When weather and temperature permits older puppies will be allowed to play outside for a few hours. Our puppies are introduced to our family and friends including children and to our adult dogs.

  • Have the puppies had any house training, crate training, or obedience training?
    Depending on the puppy's age we will begin training them to be good in the house, using a crate, and in basic obedience.

  • When would the puppies be available for pickup?
    The puppies are available for pickup at an age of 8 weeks and older.

  • Do the puppies have a name?
    Yes, the puppies receive names at birth from Country Oak Shepherds. You are free to register the puppy with AKC and other dog organizations and use a different dog name.

  • Do you have a recent photo of a puppy you could email me?
    Recent photos of our puppies are published on our Country Oak Shepherds’ web site. Visit us often. Up-to-date photos are available on special request by e-mail or calling us.

  • How big do you think the puppies will grow?
    Depending on sex and parents our puppies will be between 65 to 85+ lbs.

  • Can you describe your sales contract?
    Here is our Country Oak Shepherds purchasing agreement provided as an Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF file for you to download.
    Just click on the icon to view our sales contract.

    Country Oak Shepherds Purchase Agreement PDF is 19.8k

  Country Oak Shepherds has the following questions to dog buyers.

Please be prepared to answer our questions too!

  1. Why do you want to have a German Shepherd?

  2. Did you had a German Shepherd or other dog before?

  3. Will the dog be an indoor or outdoor dog?

  4. Will the dog be a house guardian, a family companion or what else?

  5. Do you want to use the dog for “show” or for breeding purposes?

  6. Do you have a fenced in backyard?

  7. When you walk your dog is s/he on a leash as required by county law and to the dog’s own safety?

  8. Do you plan to exercise the dog in a park or large fenced in area where the dog could run free?

  9. Is the dog left alone for more than 5-6 hours during the day?

  10. Do you have children and/or other pets living in your house?

  11. Do you plan to take the dog to obedience classes?

  12. Will you allow Country Oak Shepherds to contact you at regular intervals during the puppy’s first year?