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Testimonial 1 from Cindy Schondelmayer, Apex, NC
Testimonial 2 from Yvonne Millspaugh, Wendell, NC
Testimonial 3 from Sandy and Dave Shelley, Washington, D.C.

1 May 2000

Testimonial 1

Testimonial on Brigitte Holder

I had been in contact with Brigitte for about four months before receiving our German Shepherd puppy. I did not know Brigitte as she was recommended to me by another breeder. I was raised around Golden Retrievers but my husband wanted a German Shepherd. I wanted a playmate for my son, who was two, and he wanted a dog as protection. You see, my husband works two jobs. One is a 24-hour shift and the other is 8 to 5. Even though I was a little leery, we got our puppy in June 1999.

When we brought the dog, Bruno, home, my son thought he was a stuffed animal. Bruno always accepted it and let my son do whatever. This made me very happy.

The next thing was teething. Bruno never chewed furniture because we always had lots of toys for him and gave him lots of love and attention. He did try to test me with dominance. I am a small-framed person and I think he new it, because my husband, who is quite stocky, Bruno never tried anything with. I continuously called Brigitte for advice and pleaded with her to get me into an obedience class. She did, and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I learned lots of things in those classes that I use to this day.

In the past year, I have felt very at ease between Bruno and my son. I have a fenced in backyard and feel comfortable going inside and leaving them outside. Bruno is protective of my boy, even sometimes of me. If someone comes up to my son, he stands at an angle in front of him and shields him. This is exactly what we wanted. I know he would never harm anyone, just intimidate. At night, he sleeps outside his door. They really and truly love each other and have developed a bond, where one is, the other one is. In the long run, I did get the protection and playmate that I was looking for in Bruno and am very pleased. I could never ask for a better dog. Bruno has protected me, also. He has a distinctive bark that lets me know when someone is nearby. This gives me comfort in knowing that with Bruno, I am well-protected and secure.

Every time we go somewhere someone always complements Bruno, including my vet. He is a beautiful dog. He is now one year old and weighs 80 pounds. He is black and tan, with a little red. We did not get him fro breeding purposes. We wanted a dog, and Brigitte extensively researches genealogy of temperament, obedience, and characteristics, which are all attributes in having an outstanding pet.

Brigitte and I have developed a wonderful friendship over the past year. This is another thing that gives me joy because not just anyone would be this way. There was one time when we were going out ot town and Brigitte drove on hour out of her way in each direction to pick Bruno up at my vet due to emergency circumstances. She ALWAYS treats her puppies as one of her own. This is a wonderful quality to have and has proven to me that she will stand by her puppies.

Good luck to you with your new puppy.

Cindy Schondelmayer
Apex, NC

4 May 2000

Testimonial 2

In praise of Brigitte Holder as a breeder
of German Shepherd Dogs.

My name is Yvonne Millspaugh and I met Brigitte Holder 17 months ago when I bought a male German Shepherd puppy from her. When I talked to her on the phone after seeing her ad in the paper I felt right from the beginning that she was a good, caring, responsible breeder. She talked about the bloodlines of the sire and dam and their temperament and how the puppies were socialized (which is very important to raising a well-adjusted animal). All her dogs are treated as part of the family and interact with the family members and other dogs and puppies as a part of their daily lives.

She also wanted to know about me and how I would take care of the puppy that I was buying, i.e., would I be a good dog owner. She wanted to know if I had a large fenced in area for safety of the dog, and to exercise in; would the dog be an indoor dog; did I own dogs previously to this one.

Brigitte stands behind her breeding program. She guarantees the dogs' hips. If for any reason you can not keep the dog she wants first rights to take back the dog and find it a good home. Another thing that makes a good breeder is breeding for quality, and breeding up in quality as you better your breeding stock. Her breeding stock are all working dogs and of working stock (for instance, search and rescue, and Schutzhund).

I have stayed in contact with Brigitte since I first met her. I send her pictures of my dog quite often, and keep her up to date on the shows he attends and titles received from AKC. She is always interested in his achievements and is as proud of him as I am. I always enjoy talking to her about my dogs as well as hers. I appreciate knowing a breeder that I can feel comfortable calling and sharing the life and fun times I have with my dog. I have great respect and faith in Brigitte as a breeder and would purchase another German Shepherd from her in the future.


Yvonne Millspaugh
Wendell, N.C.

14 November 2001

Testimonial 3


My husband and I bought a german shepherd from Brigitte and we just love her. She is almost a year old and has become a big part of our family. She is with a brittany spaniel a year and a half old and they get along wonderful. I have always wanted a german shepherd since I was a little girl and with my husband being in the military we move alot and travel alot but I was able to finally get the dog of my dreams. She is a great pet and a great watch dog. Brigitte has been wonderful. She keeps in touch with us to see how Schatze is doing and if I have any questions. I know I can call on her and she can answer my questions. I highly recommend her and when I need another german shepherd I will go through her again.


Sandy and Dave Shelley
Washington, D.C.